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Our Vision

We set out to create an small business environment to support and reward you, the brave entrepreneur, ready to take the big step of acquiring a real office--moving out of your home, dining room, basement or garage.

Our first goal was "all-inclusive" pricing so you could feel comfortable there would be no hidden surprises to your bottom line--this includes providing furniture so there are no additional expenses to your move.

Our next goal was to create a community where you would work along side other small business owners and be able to network and share ideas and resources--in short a we wanted to create a place where you would want to be everyday!

Our Story

A large law office became available in the fast-changing downtown Allentown market. Business investors looked at the property and saw 16 individual offices to support potentially 16 individual businesses and/or existing professionals looking for a small fully-equipped office in Allentown. The investors formed an LLC, bought the building, added carpet, paint, furniture, decorations, security, internet, copying/printing, and a new sign. They created a brand, a website, business cards and brochures. They met with city officials, marketing professionals, joined the Chamber of Commerce and held a grand opening.  When all was ready they opened their doors ... and the rest is history. Come see for yourself what we have to offer. Call today for a no obligation tour and prepare to be amazed!

Meet the Team

We are a unique blend of talent and experience.  We are agile in our business thinking and work together well.

The investor who manages the day-to-day and makes everyone happy ... clients, investors, and business professionals. Life is too short--live it everyday...

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Justin Brown


Crop of Rich

Rich Hall


The investor who makes it all work ... the business, the LLC, the plumbing the A/C, everything.  Look for supreme attention to detail on all aspects of the business and the building. Its fixed ...

Next Steps...

Come see for yourself what we have to offer. Call today for a no obligation tour and prepare to be amazed!